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online2Convenience of live, online tutoring

No commuting to classrooms for your tutoring sessions.

certifiedCertified Ohio teachers.

In one-on-one or small group sessions.

grades90% increase in reading & math!

Achievements in one five-week tutoring unit.

exciteExciting. Engaging. Interactive. Private.

Students gain confidence, self-esteem, and improved academics.

More than just help with your homework!

If you are looking for more than someone to just help your child get through school Taylored Tutoring can help! Our approach to working with students some might call "old school" but it is proven methodology that gets results. We provide tutoring that is consultative, structured, and mentorial. Our tutors want to change more than a child's grades; they want to change their mind about learning! The overall goal at Taylored Tutoring is to get your child to take ownership of his or her  education.

Taylored Tutoring provides tutoring assistance for students K thru 12 in math, phonics, reading comprehension, study skills, and much more! Our services are provided online through our real time tutoring portal giving you greater flexibility in scheduling your child's tutoring sessions, and allowing them to receive instruction in the comfort and safety of your own home!

All of our tutors meet Ohio Department of Education standards, with many being certified teachers and highly qualified ensuring that your child will get the kind of quality reading and math help that rivals their regular classroom instruction. Our tutors all are aligned with the Taylored Tutoring mission of providing more than just help with your homework, our staff cares and is committed to delivering the help each child needs in an uplifting and nurturing way.